Things we love
Things We Love
What we created
UX - DESIGN - APP development


Wish - Things We Love had a desire to expand their digital business by launching their own social platform for their bloggers, where bloggers can share photos and advertise for brands.

Solution - The idea behind the app is that a blogger hypothetically shares a picture of a pair of shoes, and tags the picture with #thebrand and #thelocationoftheshop. Others see the picture, like the shoes, and put the picture in Collect or buy the product. By doing this, bloggers create a marketing for the product and for themselves. The app is developed into a 4-step system – Publish, Discover, Collect and Buy. This is demonstrated below.

Description - Things We Love is a community of bloggers who share a passion for sharing pictures with each other and advertise for their favorite brands, designers or artists. In collaboration with Things We Love, Mustache has developed and designed an app, where we, as a company, have contributed with visual design, UX and app development.

Get the iphone app

Share your images

Share a picture with your friends - for instance a new pair of Nike sneakers, which you have just purchased and would like to share with others.


Add products to your images

Make a hashtag, e.g. #Nike or #theshop. Your new shoes have now been shared on the platform with other people. They can now be inspired by your wish or purchase and by clicking on the hashtag, they will be forwarded directly to the web shop.


Earn money for your marketing work

Your bonus lies in the procedure of sharing and hashtagging stores. It provides the brand advertisement and you a payment.