What we created
UX Mock-up


Wish - Helpfully wanted to develop an app that makes it possible and easy to offer and receive help for everyday tasks.

Solution - By using Helpfully, you can easily receive and offer help for a variety of everyday tasks like dog walking, cleaning, gardening and IT support, just by using your mobile device. Once you have created your Helpfully profile via the app, you are ready to send out your job offer to Helpfully’s helpers. They can now bid on your job offer with relevant skills. You can then choose a local helper that you see fit to complete the particular task. Before the task is agreed upon, you can use the app to correspond with your potential helpers and subsequently evaluate the work and the helper. By doing this, you let other Helpfully users know about the positive experiences you have had using the app.

Description - Via conceptual workshops, Helpfully and Mustache have defined and negotiated the foundation of their current app solution. Mustache has also worked closely with Helpfully on producing an app design mockup.


"Mustache has been a major mainstay for Helpfully. They have assisted in developing our identity and has been in charge of our UX design for our app. Mustache has what it takes to develop both graphic identity and apps, which are serious, functional and unique!"

- Jeppe Klausen, CEO