Copenhagen pride
Copenhagen Pride
What we created


Wish - With a great number of events across multiple days, Copenhagen Pride needed an app solution that could improve the overall experience for the participants. One of the improvements being the possibility to navigate through the multiple events.

Solution - Mustache developed and designed a user-friendly app that provided the participants an overview of the events and the opportunity to select their favorite program among the many events. The festival is often challenged with an ever-changing program, which is why we made it possible for the program organizers to continuously make changes and have the app automatically update the program as it changes. This solution also makes it possible for foreign visitors to receive the updated program offline, without the need of a data connection in Denmark. Furthermore, we wanted to engage the user to share the event on Instagram by using the hashtag #CPHPride. By doing this, the user can have their picture shared on the app itself.

Description - Copenhagen pride is being held every year in August, where the festival offers different events and presentations about the LGBT community. Mustache has sponsored the app for Copenhagen Pride, which is now being operated as an NPO. Our work consisted of the conceptualization, design, app development and back end.