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Wish - Cope it had a desire to expand their product portfolio with an app for iPhone. The purpose of the app was to offer dentist patients a tool to help them cope with dental anxiety.

Solution - With Cope it’s Home Training App for iPhone, you’ll get concrete techniques, help and suggestions for coping with anxiety and nervousness associated with an appointment at the dentist. The app provides the opportunity for you as a patient to test yourself for dental anxiety and get a clear indication of how significant your dental anxiety might be. The app contains conceptual and visual elements that enhance the user experience and help the user with their dental anxiety in a pleasant and grounded fashion.

Description - Cope it is based on 30 years of research regarding the treatment of anxiety disorders, using cognitive behavioral therapy. Cope it needed help building the foundation of their mobile platform along with developing a high-quality, user-friendly app. Mustache delivered iOS development and strategic sparring.